Thursday , June 1 2023

Antofagasta says goodbye to the title with a weak shot against Unión Española


Antofagasta Sport was demoted in the fight for the title of the national championship in 2018, after match 1-1 with the Spanish Union at the Calvo and Bascuñán stadiums.

Its distribution Gerardo Ameli he was deceived from the beginning with the purpose Rodrigo Contreras (38 & # 39;)after an unbelievable mistake from the keeper Diego Sánchez, which failed in the exit and allowed the Argentinean so much.

However, Reds – who had the debut of new coach Fernando Díaz, instead of Martín Palermo – won the parity through Misael Dávila (42), a few minutes later.

The result was correct because none of the two teams ended up in a very disputable game but had a very small game.

In this way, Pumas reached 50 points and remained in fourth place in the table, with no options to win the title and also moved from Copa Libertadores because they were two from the Universidad de Concepción.

While Hispanics have reached 40 units and for the time being they take the last position leading to Copa Sudamericana.

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