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Argentina with a 100% sustainable solar energy … – ENERGIA LIMPIA XXI


In order to provide the town and families living there with solar thermal, Allianz and Fundación EcoAndina built a drinking water tank; a shared sunbath equipped with showers, toilets, toilets and hot water heaters; 19 family solar cookers; a heating system for school and a shared solar kitchen that includes a bakery oven that allows you to cook up to 2 kg of bread in each oven. You are also interested in: Green roofs required by law in France, Switzerland and other countries

About the EcoAndina Foundation

The EcoAndina Foundation is a civilian organization in Argentina, based in Jujuy Province, consisting of a group of independent technicians working to improve the quality of life of the population through the development of "Sustainable Solutions".

The solutions come by adapting the right technologies with the use of renewable energy, mainly solar energy, energy efficiency, bioclimatic construction, photovoltaic electrification to trigger water pumping, lighting and solar electric mobility in recent times. You are also interested in: Energy: Argentina on ACCIONA investment radar

The funds for our projects come from presentations of ideas in national and international competitions. Areas of interest include water conservation, biodiversity, desertification reduction and climate change, while providing a real option for clean and renewable energy. The most remarkable programs are: "Andean Solar Peoples" in the Puna region of Jujuy and "Cediera: EcoAndina Center for the Development and Interpretation of Renewable Energies and the Environment" in San Salvador de Jujuy, the capital of the province.

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