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As stylish as the daughter: Paloma Mami's mother surprises her with her youth and beauty TV and Show


Undoubtedly, 2018 was a great year for Paloma Mami, an artist who suddenly jumped to fame and conquered hundreds of her music.

At age 19, he became one of the most popular emerging artists in Chile after going through Red and her Not Steady song.

Not only does his talent conquer, but his striking style, which has become his personal mark.

Thanks to the above, he enjoys great popularity in social networks, where he most often shares with his fans passages in his life and work.

But not only Paloma is very talented, but her sister, Sofía Castillo, responsible for the trap interpreter wearing the makeup as a star, because everything remains in the family because one of her aunts handles her various appearances, being a sort of family business of the mother's artistic career.

In this scenario, Lorena Astorga's aunt shared a postcard in which she portrayed Paloma's mother, Andrea Astorga, who had stolen her eyes at Isntagram, given her young and attractive her.

It was obvious in the record that Paloma inherited the style and elegant beauty of her mother.

Lorena Astorga | Instagram

Lorena Astorga | Instagram

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