Tuesday , February 7 2023

Barcelona vs Barcelona Lift | Juan Brandáriz's architecture, "Chumi," could cost Arturo Vidal's elimination in Copa del Rey


Juan Brandáriz, Chumi, is the player that Valverde has aligned and would cost the elimination of Copa del Rey in Barcelona. Other versions point out, however, that this should not happen.

Barcelona's defeat against Levante last Thursday for Copa del Rey continues to give Ernesto Valverde headaches. And it is that, according to the Spanish press, Barcelona would have eliminated from Copa del Rey by inappropriate alignment.

The guilty one would be a young man of Massia, Juan Brandáriz, also known as "Chumi," who pulled a suspension due to the accumulation of yellow cards that played for Barcelona "B", which should have deprived him of the previous game (the game mentioned above with Levante). According to El Mundo, this would be the main reason for punishing the "culé" team and eliminating it from the competition.

Other versions, in any case, indicate that this would have no effect, as the Valencia team did not make the request within 48 hours of the duel (legal term). In addition, the accumulation of yellow cards is considered a "minor" offense, which means that the penalty must be enforced in the same competition, that is, in the 123rd League, the second Spanish category, where the punishment was actually served, according to Brand newspaper.

At present, Arturo Vidal and his team are waiting what the Spanish Football Federation says, in a situation that has already lived his maximum rival, Real Madrid, when he was eliminated from the Cup after the inadequate formation of Denis Cheryshev (who had a sanction in progress with Villarreal).

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