Saturday , June 10 2023

Boca Juniors' chaotic arrival at the Monumental Stadium, which forced the suspension of the Libertadores final


the grand finale of Copa Libertadores has not even begun and the problems have already been lived in the Monumental Plate with the arrival of the Boca Juniors bus, who was attacked in the vicinity of the stadium.

It is that, although the bus went with the police custody, the Millionaire fans waited for the school to reach Núñez campus and They threw away all the objects they found in the way, breaking the vehicle's glasses and causing great problems in the arrival of the Xeneids.

Incidents caused by River Plate fans have prompted police intervention, which they began to throw tear gas to disperse fans. However, The gas went into the Boca Juniors bus through the broken windows and left the players more than complicated visitors.

"The lacrimal gas was from the police trying to repress the fans who attacked the micro," Cesar Martucci, the Xenezi leader, told Fox Sports.

Thus, players from Boca entered the dressing room with pieces, breathing problems and suffering with the effects of lacrimal gas, being, according to the media in Argentina, Tevez, Cardona, Almond, Gago, Wanchope, Benedetto, most affected by the situation.

The attack on the Boca Juniors bus generated chaos and forced the end of the round between xeneizes and River Plate, being reprogrammed for this Sunday at 17:00.

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