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Boca Juniors and River Plate will start contesting this Saturday's Copa Libertadores final, which will mark the most important page of rivalry that has more than a hundred years of history between the two most popular teams in Argentina.

With 370 matches played since 1908, rivalry marks 134 Xeneieze victories, 121 millionaire and 115 draws in the anteroom of the cross, the first time an international trophy comes in, and the third time challenges a crown.

What are the options to go live in Argentina?

The official rights to broadcast the Copa Libertadores Major Finals correspond FOX Sport, but it is not the only way to follow the definition.

Users of Cablevision who live in Argentina can use Cablevisión Flow. Just have your football package service and you can see it from both the Flow app and the browser at

Another alternative that exists on the Internet is through DirecTV Play, for service subscribers Satellite cable, which is also exclusive to users in the country. Those who are Telecentro customers can also use Telecentro Play on different platforms.

Calendars in the world

Argentina: 16:00
Mexico: 14:00
Colombia: 14:00
Peru: 14:00
Uruguay: 16:00
United States: 11:00 ET / 14:00 PT

In 1976, the national tournament was in the hands of Boca, and this year the Argentine Supercup went to the river in only two previous years, defining a title in front.

For Boca, this possibility of adding the seventh Copa Libertadores as a visitor to the stadium of the eternal rival is to recover from a four-year cycle in confrontations with the River.

Since Marcelo Gallardo's arrival as a coach, Boca has had many negative results generating a burden ahead of this final Copa Libertadores series.

For Daniel Angelici, in the last year after two stages as president of Boca, getting this title against River would allow him to add his first international title under his leadership.

A pending debt believing that in his campaign to reach Boca's first magistracy he urged his supporters to prepare the passport to do important things outside the national domain.

Technician Guillermo Barros Schelotto, who stepped through Boca and added two local Superliga, has a great opportunity to make a record with a Copa Libertadores and also to add a special victory to his personal dispute with Marcelo Gallardo , which imposed the last relevant crosses.

Without a definition of his continuity as coach of Boca, Barros Schelotto can not imagine a farewell but a title in Copa Libertadores against the Monumental River and the subsequent club dispute in the United Arab Emirates Club.

For the history of Boca, meanwhile, this Copa Libertadores would mean the seventh of his history (1977, 1978, 2000, 2001, 2003 and 2007) that would allow him to equalize the highest winner of this trophy to Independiente; It would also be the 23rd International Crown and 68th of its 113th anniversary.

On the way ahead, because River celebrates the Copa Libertadores title on its monumental stadium, after defeating its classic and eternal rival, it seems to be the ideal end of its film.

After nine crowns led by Gallardo, the "millionaire" faces the opportunity to crown this era with the fourth Copa Libertadores, and the second in three years.

Also, for Rodolfo D'Onofrio, it would be an opportunity to add the most important victory in the history of the river under the leadership that accumulates the most powerful triumphs in 117 years.

One year after being re-elected by a major majority, Onofrio is looking to add a triumph to the club showcases that will surely forget that only the fall of the river in 2012.

Gallardo, who renewed his contract last year until 2022, when the second term of the current council is over, has the opportunity to extend his triumphant era and to discuss with Angel Labruna and Ramón Díaz the title of the best technician in history.

Only for the club's career, Copa Libertadores would be the fourth (1986, 1996 and 2015), the 17th trophy outside Argentina and the 64th overall.

Boca-River, River-Boca will be two duels that will mark the history of both institutions, centuries old rivalry and Argentine, South American and world football. (EFE)

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