Monday , April 19 2021

Borussia Dortmund offers 15.8 million euros for a new jewel

Borussia de Dortmund He just escaped one of his pearls with a bigger projection than Christian Pulisic, who goes to Chelsea to continue his sports career in London. But in the German club, they continue to look for the future and therefore already have other goals on their agenda.

The German box continues to look to the future and in this case its leaders are finishing a new blow on the market. Because depending on what ESPN were interested in the club of Renania for one of the new pearls of Argentine football.

We're talking about it Leonardo Balerdi, 19-year-old football player Boca Juniors, which begins to operate at a high level in the box Xeneize. And, in fact, there is already talk of an offer by the Teutonic team to sign up and improve their staff with this addition.

Not less than 15.8 million euros is the proposal of the German team for this new pearl, which begins to make the first steps in the elite.

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