Friday , September 30 2022

Botto Fox showed a picture of the memory as a teenager: "22 years ago, my God!" | TV and Show


Little is known about the beginnings Botota Fox In the world of the national show, he is known to have become very young in Santiago and had to leave with very little resources. But on Tuesday, the showman showed how he belongs to him two decades ago when I was 14 years old.

Through Instagram's account, Botota exposed her teenager's face, indicating the following: "22 years ago, my God!"

As expected, fast messages came from his descendants, who supported his old and current appearance.

Months ago, the artist was part of the program dizziness from Channel 13 where he recounted part of his effort when he arrived in Santiago, Los Ándes.

"I arrived at Santiago with two bags of garbage. I came from Los Andes, where I have my whole family, maybe my dream was not to be both on TV and I have money. I wanted something better than what my city offered, "he said at the time.

He also had time to talk about the most difficult time of his arrival in the capital, when he suffered an attack in the vicinity of his home and stayed on the street.

"My beginnings were very difficult, 12 years ago, I was assaulted in a room we rented at Franklin. I was crying alone on the street, I did not have my family, but at the same time I told myself a thief would not take my dream, because I've reached my goal, " he said.

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