Saturday , June 10 2023

Carabineros official tried to commit suicide in police unit: denounced her superior for abuse | national


A captain of Carabineros in The 12th San Miguel Police Station He tried to take his life with his tax gun and inside the barracks.

According to preliminary information, Wednesday morning the official received a sanction notice against her. In view of this, he warned a friend of what had happened and told him the drastic decision he was about to make.

After the warning, the woman went to the police station and came to the bedroom in the uniform, avoiding suicide.

In a preliminary manner, it was reported that a letter of ownership of the captain was found, in which denounced an alleged case of sexual abuse by a carabiner, in this case a commissioner of the 12th Police Commission.

At first, the affected person was transferred to the institutional hospital and then sent to the psychiatric service of El Arrayán Clinic.

However, The Military Prosecutor's Office was responsible for clarifying what had happened, along with the confirmation or exclusion of alleged sexual abuse by a senior police officer.

At the moment, Carabineros did not refer to this issue and only indicated that they can do so on the morning of Thursday with a statement.

This article describes an ongoing judicial process

It is possible that the allegations are rejected at the end of the investigation, for this reason The defendant should not be held guilty until justice dictates the judgment against him.
(Article 04 of the Code of Criminal Procedure)


If you need specialized psychiatric assistance or know someone who asks for it, the Health Ministry has a specialized help line of professionals every day of the year and 24 hours at 600 360 7777. If you have no balance, you can ask to be called back here

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