Wednesday , August 17 2022

CDF: Finally, it has a sales date


The National Economic Prosecutor (FNE) must announce the final resolution.

On December 10, the deadline for publishing the final resolution of the National Prosecutor's Office (FNE) on the sale of Canal del Fútbol (CDF) to the Turner group was set.

Starting November 26, the end of the phase-out period of the second phase, the outcome of the operation might be known.

And after months of investigation, the prosecution must reject or approve the transaction that will leave the Turner Broadcasting System as a television house controller for the next 15 years after paying $ 1,285 million. Each club will receive a $ 3.1 million bonus.

Yesterday, in the ANFP, the 32 professional clubs were invited to a meeting to know the tax details of the eventual sale. Only 10 national teams participated


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