Tuesday , January 31 2023

Cobresal golea Morning in La Pintana


Cobresal has not seen remarkable performance as a visitor in recent months, but he has paid this debt more than once this night, winning 1-4 against Santiago Morning in one of the first round of the B.

Those guided by Gustavo Huerta started their raid in the best way against the minibuses because they had already won two goals with goals from Argentinians Leonel Corro (4th) and Muriel Orlando (6 & 39). ;), surprise behind the painting directed by René Curaz. Then the meeting was balanced a little, until another trasandino, Ryduan Palermo, the son of Martín Palermo (who attended the meeting), reduced the premise (36).

In the second half, however, the miners will continue to control the game and it was not strange that 69 "scored the penalty with a penalty scored by Nelson Sepúlveda, the sanction that resulted from a hand of Haitian defender Ricardo Adé in a attempt to mark.

The scoreboard will be closed to 87 years in the best game of the game, when Victor Sarabia admitted a touch sequence that he ended with a cross shot.

Approximately 1-4 leaves Santiago Morning practically out of the race because Cobresal was untouchable on his El Cobre stadium this year: in blue, albinaranjas recorded 14 wins, four draws and a single defeat, 22 in July last year against Deportes Valdivia (0-2).

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