Monday , August 15 2022

Confirmed: Diablo 4 develops for two years under the code "Fenris"


Online magazine Kotaku He interviewed 11 collaborators of Blizzard Entertaiment between current and past employees, all agreed that work is currently taking place on something called "The Fenris Project" which is neither more nor less than Diablo 4, the game that everyone accepted within Blizzcon 2018.

Several guidelines have been revealed with which the project is working, for example, there is a concept "Embrace the Darkness" and return more crude in the franchise, far from any caricature factor that Diablo could have. According to those working on this project in 2016, They indicate that they are optimistic about the way the project is taking

On the other hand, it was found that there is a debate about maintaining isometric view or try new angles of a third person, as used in the canceled project called "Hades" although development is inclined towards classical isometry.

Memorize this The Immortal Devil, the title mobile from this frank, was booed at the conference Blizzcon 2018 because the fans were waiting – and they were completely sure – that it was the confirmation Devil 4

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