Monday , April 19 2021

consolidating Colo Colo with Arturo Vidal's style

Juan Carlos Gaete presented the official photos with Vidal's tattoo on the back of his right hand.

Colo Colo is preparing to face the new challenges, but also outside, which is why the team players today put in the shirt of the 2019 season, pictures that will be presented from January 19th Alba night.

Juan Carlos Gaete, the first courage who presented the popular image, made rigorous photo and official video nothing more and nothing but the imitation of Arturo Vidal, the king.

With a lot of personalities, the former striker at Cobresal put his right hand on his face, imitating the king's mask, and took advantage of wearing tattoos on the back of the right hand, very similar to Vidal's.

The jersey for this tour brings some changes. The main thing is that the player's family name will now be above the back number, It can also be seen that a Movistar patch is included in the right arm.

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