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For the first time in the history of Libertadores (59 editions), probably for the first time in any major tournament, a final had to be suspended due to incidents; more shameful than pitiful. A sad honor corresponds to the Argentine football and the security forces of Buenos Aires. The most elementary spring has failed since this game exists: to guard as it happens because the visitor delegation gets safely into the stadium where the match must be played. And under normal conditions.

Some police chiefs have devised such a mad crazy plan: that the Mouth bus crossed the streets with thousands of fans of the river surrounding it. How to get a lantern into a powder magazine. Barbarity has generated the expected consequence: the shortcomings destroyed by stones several bus stops and has affected some players. Boca refused to play. Without the slightest doubt, I was unable to make it emotional and there was embarrassment. The end was passed from Saturday to Sunday and Sunday until God's arrangement, because hard people …

This time it was logic in football: if in a country it could happen, it would have been in Argentina and if it had to happen in a particular match, it was in a Boca river. There is a hundred and ten years of extreme rivalry concentrated in a bottle of 90 minutes. A very thick juice came out. They took so much rivalry they got to it, they can not play too much. The passion of football is beautiful to experience, though when it reaches such irrational levels it loses all sense and naturalness.

Pablo Pérez

Pablo Pérez, Boca Juniors player.


Taken from the Olé newspaper

This irrationality created a demonic game: barrabrava, a deformation of the fans that they allowed him to grow and now it is hard to dominate. This monster has created a phenomenal business around football and does not want to lose it. Extorts, threatens, resells and falsifies tickets, sells t-shirts, hats, scarves, caregivers. Someone finds a nice place to leave the car at five blocks away from the stadium, and when it closes, a scary and peculiar guy approaches him and says in a friendly and intimidating voice: "Give me five hundred Take care of your car, father, and the idea is to see the game and return home alive (and with a healthy car), the normal fans give the 500, very disgusting, it's about ten blocks away. take care of nothing and watch the game.

And in classics like that, they make a real fortune. In a raid on Friday, the police arrested "Cavern," the head of Rio's brave bar. He had 15,000 dollars, 10 million pesos (the equivalent of another 255,000 dollars and 300 tickets in their place). It is believed that, in retaliation, the Cavernita ordered his agents to promote the riots. They asked clubs to take tickets to watch the games; now sell them. Then they go in the same way to the wicked: they put a bunch of fifty men, ran in battle and attacked a gate. Successful controls and police are in full swing.

In 2017, a similar event happened with this Boca River, when Borussia Dortmund bus was attacked with three explosives, while the team headed to its stadium to face Monaco for the Champions League. It was for the quarter-finals and the game was postponed for the day. Marc Bartra, the Spanish defender at Borussia, suffered serious injuries: a broken arm in one arm and glasses locked in both hands and hands. She must have been operated.

But it was not due to the violence among the fans who showed exemplary behavior (the Dortmund supporters even deposited their homes in their homes in Monaco) but an attack by an individual for terrorist or economic reasons. EIn December, hundreds of flambark barracks without tickets broke the Maracana fences and entered the office sector, destroying and generating panic in the Copa Sudamericana definition. It was very serious. However, the final was played.

But Flamengo and Independiente, although it was a stellar match among the best, did not have the sign of South American football redeemer who had been awarded the River Boca, for which world journalism stared at La Bombonera and Monumental later.

The promotion of the "end of all times" ended with "The Role of All Time", as Claudio Cervino defined very well in his column of the Nation. Or, as Tweeted Gabriel Meluk wrote from El Tiempo, "the end of the world was in the third world."

Dozens of journalists from Italy, Spain, Japan, England, Slovenia, Colombia, Uruguay, Chile, Ecuador, United States gathered on Saturday at the Monumental, especially attracted by the beautiful game of the first duel, from 2 to 2. , about 60,000 decadent fans of the river left 2.7 million dollars in ticket offices.

And millions of fans waiting in front of the TV in much of the world. We all feel the same sadness. They shame others, their Argentines. There were no dead or wounded, not even fighting among the fans, but the sense of shit, organizational disability is shameful. And many people wanted these games to be played during the week, at night, and with the audience they visited. A delirium

If the Argentinean itself is not a terrible subject and considers it difficult to be friendly, society faces a special tension, exacerbated by extreme and tumultuous politicization. Portuguese General Antonio Guterres, the UN Secretary-General, who will arrive in Buenos Aires on Wednesday, revealed in an interview his concern about escalating "fear, intolerance and distrust in many countries." It seemed he was talking mostly about Argentina.

This bloody river Boca comes as a wake-up call to President Macri five days before the start of the first G20 summit in Latin America that will bring together the leaders of the twenty major and most important countries in the world. The tango capital will be protected for a few days. You can take care of Putin, Trump, Merkel, Xi Jinping, Macrón, etc. if you could not get Boca's bus …?

Boca was attacked by the public at the river a few meters from the entrance to the Monumental. He arrived shocked, angry with his captain Pablo Pérez in one eye of a splinter. So you can not go out and play a game, except for this final. He had the right and the reason not to play.

"We did not have a previous logic and had nothing to do with the previous match," said his coach, Guillermo Barros Schelotto. It's true Do not think of exaggerations: Perez reviewed an ophthalmologist in front of the witnesses and found that he had reduced the vision of the left eye by 60%. And this is not table football, which breaks a doll and we put another. Confrontation has been disturbed sportively.

The feeling that has remained, through the actions and words of President Boca del Carmen, Daniel Angelici, is that Boca first tried to leave the Monumental Saturday; then see how to avoid Sunday's commitment without leaving it as "no presentation," meaning the postponement was led by Conmebol.

And he will go to the Conmebol meeting in Paraguay on Tuesday to disagree with a new date: he wants points and a serious sanction against the River. Boca does not want to play anymore, he takes revenge in 2015 when he was eliminated from the Conmebol Cup when a golden fan threw a pepper spray in front of a few River Plate players. At that time he was well sanctioned and River was crowned champion. Now, before a very similar event, Boca calls for River to be well sanctioned, which is furthermore accused of having a huge political burden in the Confederation.

Someone has released that Conmebol will take the duel to neutral ground. Impossible: The river would not accept. In addition, what would a healthy politician want to host …? This means receiving 25,000 Boca fans and other people from the River. You have to assign an army to control them. Watch Santiago de Chile next year when he reaches the final Cup final …!

These are just the first chapters of the story. To be continued.

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