Tuesday , June 28 2022

Cristián Álvarez had a goodbye to San Carlos de Apoquindo


Cristian Álvarez ends his career as a living legend of the Catholic University. Huaso will withdraw from football at the end of the year and could do so by raising a new title with crusaders, with which he already accumulates four Crowns in the National Championship, a Chile Cup and a Super Cup in the 16 years he wore his shirt UC.

Considering the great journey he had in San Carlos by Apoquindo and the idol status he holds in the band laterally at 38, excitement in his last match in the precordillera. After winning 1-0 against O'Higgins, which leaves them a champion and where he played discounts to take jineta, the defender he stayed long on the stadium, was raised in love, received the love of his teammates and all the fans.

The moment's emotion made Álvarez not to keep his tears He ended up thanking the fans for all the love they gave him in the years when he wore the Catholic University's shirt. A farewell to a stadium in which he enjoyed so much joy and next week can be crowned in the best way if he receives a draw against Temuco, which will allow him to be the champions of the 2018 National Championship.

Goodbye to Huaso / image: UNO Agency Goodbye to Huaso / image: UNO Agency

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