Monday , April 19 2021

Dreams's Beta opens its doors. That's all you need to know about it

That Dreams is not one of the titles that generated more noise in front of the PS4 catalog does not mean that it has what it must become one of the best games: Media Molecules wants to give the publisher the ultimate gaming experience and today we can start to speak to them.

Starting today, all those who signed up for the British study newsletter before December 7 will be eligible to receive a participation in the Dreams beta version. Your objective? In addition to checking if everything will work as planned, see how far the imagination of the players goes

Dreams beta will be available in Europe, Australia, Middle East, Canada, Africa and the US. UU. and only those with legal age can participate. In addition, taking into account the objective of the initiative, story mode will not be available.

Beta requires about 4 GB, you do not have to have a PS Plus subscription and unfortunately, the only show to be presented will be the one officially promoted by Media Molecule, as it is a developing project (you must accept a NDA for participation), although there will be official forums to discuss the experience.

From there, we can unleash our creativity.

Video rights developed by Media Molecule

What can we expect from beta?

The idea behind this beta is that of the players familiarize yourself with creating tools. There are many of them and some tutorials to use them. In addition, Media Molecule has added some mini-games as well as access to the site.

There is an option to create your creations locally, although – at least in beta – the editing mode with two local players is not available. Of course, social and Dreamers, as well as trophies, are not part of the advance.


Now what we think will be kept in front of the final version. According to Media Molecules, the plan is that You can continue with your projects when full play is available. Except, of course, there is a technical error before the launch. Our progress and those of our character, on the other hand, will be resumed on the launch day.

Between what we can expect in the final version (and not included in beta) we will see the tools, content, assets and what is not done. In fact, although Sony's virtual reality support is expected to be supported, it expects it to come after the launch of the game.


If you have subscribed and still have not been invited to participate in Dreams, do not throw the towel: little by little they will add a lot of participants, so it's convenient to check your emails from time to time.

Dreams beta will be active until January 21st. Enough time to get to work, to get familiar with the tools and to even create a genius.

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