Thursday , April 15 2021

Ecoterrorists publish a statement and warn about new actions

"The War of Civilization and Human Progress". This is one of the foundations of the eco-terrorist groups, and they are keeping the authorities looking for members of the "wildly-orientated native-to-Chile" (STI) members suspected of putting an explosive device in a Vicuña Mackenna location, leaving five wounded.

On Friday, the group, who became known on January 13, 2017 for the attack on Codelco Óscar Landerretche's former president, uploaded a statement explaining how he put together the device that detonated in Vicuña Mackenna, noting that "we are going we take the absolute responsibility for abandoning our explosive gift at a location in Transantiago, in the heart of the capital. Our superior pump was made up of a hand-made steel nipple, remembering that the nipple with which we will explode the miner's fingers in 2017? Filled with 100 grams of black powder whose activation is generated by pulling a cardboard.

In addition, in the text, ITS warns of the new actions: "We are already far away, hiding and preparing for the next, we have more ships and more will. Our small arts have caused enormous terror and have had a great media impact It is an experience for those who want disaster, with few things done. "

This alleged organization has received a number of previous attacks on Transantiago buses, including at least two incendiary bombs.

Chaos of the Earth

The eco-terrorist groups represent a current present in many countries of the world and demonstrate their contempt for civilization and all technological advances that affect nature and the environment.

They are firm critics of humanity as such and justify explosive attacks, assassinations and disasters in response to the extermination of people.

They even celebrate the natural catastrophes that generate a large number of injured and dead, in the sense that it would be a natural response to the "attempt to dominate" the people on earth.

The lawyer and former director of the National Intelligence Agency (ANI), Gonzalo Yuseff, points out that these groups "have a diffusion organization with striking names and structures depending on operational needs." I mean, they communicate with each other often without identifying themselves with different people.

Bus burning, explosive attacks on university faculties of science, and any institution linked to technological progress are targets for eco-terrorists.

Yuseff adds that "they tend to reject modernity, despite the occupation of digital communication platforms. They have a semi-delirium in favor of fire as an element that can indicate chaos and react to their favor."

The "wildlife individualists" in Chile are publishing through a web page any explosive attack that occurs in other parts of the world, mainly in Brazil and Mexico.
They say they are not naive and are extremely aware of the security cameras that exist around the city streets and other security measures to maintain order. "During this time we have been years and we know that we are just as cautious as the cum, hidden to jump to kick," they said on their ITS website on the last day of January.

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