Sunday , April 2 2023

El, News from Puerto Montt and Los Lagos


Traditionally, "Tour Telethon" will start on November 14th its tour across the country, where a group of artists along with TV and radio entertainers appear in different regions of the country, conducting daytime activities culminating in a great central show.

In this new version, the animators and artists who have already said are: La Sonora de Tommy Rey; The LOPEZ band formed by former Los Bunkers members -; Schuster, author and interpreter of "Mi regalo" "official song of the Telethon 2018 campaign; Mariel Mariel, representative of the urban pop and" Latin flow "genre, as well as of the consolidated group Sinergia, among others.

The solidarity caravan will also have the humor of the family in charge of Cirque de Pastelito and Tachuela Chico. The list includes other remarkable artists such as Megapond, Shamans, Consuelo Schuster, Jordan, Sondelvalle, Noche de Brujas, La Noche, cumbia, merengue and Mambo Chumbekes and Natalino's romanticism.

In the showroom, Rafael Araneda, Karol Lucero, Eduardo Fuentes, Óscar Álvarez, Karen Doggenweiler and Juan Pablo Queraltó have already confirmed their participation. In the coming days, artists and animators will continue to say their presence at the various stops that tour and confirm their agendas to engage in different locations.

In the case of Los Lagos, the caravan will arrive on Saturday, November 24, passing through Osorno and Puerto Montt, the city where the star show will take place at 21:00 on the waterfront near the bus terminal.

Image: Huawei / Uno Agency

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