Thursday , April 15 2021

Five techno products to surprise at CES 2019 in Las Vegas

More than 4,400 companies and companies around the world will present the latest breakthroughs in the largest technology consumption fair to be held from January 8-11

The Consumer Electronics Association organizes this global benchmark meeting to find out about innovative trends for the current year. We're telling you something that will surprise you this year.

A door that opens with facial recognition

As we already know about unlocking in face-to-face mobile phones, E Smart Lock will unlock the door of the house by simply facing the screen and 5 other more familiar ways, such as key, digital finger, and physical key.

Polaroid Mint

The pocket room we all know has been compressed and now fits into your pocket. Photos are automatically printed in 2 × 3 inches waterproof paper, and are similar to stickers. The camera has a screen so you can see how it came out and a microSD memory to save and see them at another time.

Samsung Space Monitor

Continuing with the range of small items, the Japanese company will feature minimalist 27 inch QHD monitors and 32K 4K resolution. In both cases, the design will be the same, if the panel will occupy much of the front, reducing frames to a minimum.

Smart toothbrush

Grush is a dental device that provides significant data to the patient and the dentist about oral health of the patient. Provides detailed information from the artificial intelligence that analyzes the brushing to ensure that all surfaces of the teeth are thoroughly cleaned. It simply works with a timer connected to an application showing a figure of all the teeth and their condition.

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Instant translator for 74 languages

Pocketalk is a device that incorporates artificial intelligence to help you translate your language into other languages ​​in a simple and natural way, with idiomatic expressions easy to understand by your interlocutor. Just talk or leave your interlocutor. to speak and to make you understand what he said. It comes in two versions, one that costs US $ 249 and incorporates Wi-Fi and you can insert a SIM card and the other costs US $ 299, which, besides the fact that Wi-Fi includes the data service for two years, and operates in 105 countries.

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