Tuesday , January 31 2023

Fixed broadband is the worst service rated in Chile by consumers


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In the last hours Subsecretariat in Telecommunications (Subtel) In Chile, he revealed the latest consumer satisfaction report for the last year in which he revealed, in the middle of his investigation, that in the services provided by the various communications companies, his Internet Fixed Fixed Tape is positioned as the most serious product for consumers in the country.

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As reported Subtel, only 22% of users of these services across the country approve the quality of the products they are given during their use for a continuous period. Telsur is the company with the best satisfaction indicators (52%), followed by RTD (30%), Claro (24%). Pacific Cable (22%)and Movistar (6%).

In the same way, the expansion of new technologies seems to find an early solution. The study confirmed that users value the connection to a greater extent through Fiber Optics (39%), while conventional connections to style "ADSL" is the one that generated the most dissatisfaction (38%).

Thousands of complaints generated each month and technical support that never arrives. Traditional media research has also demonstrated the lack of flexibility of businesses in terms of product adjustments and little concern for the performance of the services they should highlight, being suspended for days without specific response.


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