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In a few weeks "Bird Box" has become one of the most watched productions of the Netflix streaming platform.

The tape indicates the story of a world submerged in a wave of mass suicides, which would be generated by a strange creature.

However, the great mystery of the film -profined by Sandra Bullock- It was the appearance of these monsters.

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Bullock had given some details describing the creatures he told them cataloged as "green men with a horrible face for babies".

"It was like a snake and I thought, "I do not want to see when it happens for the first time Just bring it in. Let's do the scene I'm coming back and it's like,"the actress said.

But Bullock's reaction has been a surprise amongst the film's fans ever since the actress said that "made me laugh, it was just a long fat child".

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To remove the doubts, visual effects artist Howard Berger has published images of the monster and according to screenwriter Eric Heissere, the original idea was to include a scene in which the creature appears to Malorie, the character played by Sandra Bullock.

In the scene, Malorie encountered a man with a snake and child, but the monster's effect was not the way he expected.

"It looked like a snake, but I did not want to see it until they recorded the scene. When I saw him, you mumbled at me, but the only thing he did was laugh, was just a very fat child, "the actress said.

Check out the mysterious creature image below:

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