Thursday , June 8 2023

Francisco Lopez was among the fastest in the Pichilemu Grand Prix


A very good job done Francisco "Chaleco" López (Peugeot 208) in the first stage of the project the seventh consecutive Grand Prix of the Pichilem Rally Championship to get the seventh place in a very fast race dominated by Alberto Heller.

When the final stage of the O'Higgins race remains, the pilot went from less to more in the fastest and most powerful series of the event, R5. After winning R2 in 2017, López heads to 2019 as one of the protagonists of the tournament who will have a meeting at the World Rally Championship.

The first position was for Alberto Heller 45 & # 39; 5 & lt; / RTI & gt; López reached the finish line at 1 "24" behind the winner, leaving him with the option to advance on Sunday's stage, which will be very different from Saturday's.

In order to achieve the goal of advancement in the general table of the competition, López must rely on the strategy of using tires, blending soft and intermediate and depending on day-to-day conditions, because there are three compounds that can be used by binomial R5 series.

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