Friday , March 31 2023

He was dismissed as a policeman who was injured after he rejected the assault in which three criminals were killed


official PDI, to stay was injured in the back of a blow from a small caliber in the shoulder blade, was transferred to the Carabineros hospital, where was released on Saturday afternoon, then sent to your home.

Hours before and during early morning, He avoided being the victim of a car theft by shooting four young men who threatened him with firearms.

The dead assailants were all minors, two were 16 and 17. One of them had previous records, for intimidation robbery, robbery with violence and theft of material for public use. In addition, they discovered the weapons they wore when attempting to attack, he said. mercury.

According to the information provided by the IDP, the public lights of the place were stopped at the time of the incident.

sub-prefect Alberto Vásquez, from the brigade from Suroriente Robos, explained that "Three subjects were premunid with firearms with intent to steal the vehicle, in front of which the PDI official rejected the attack with the gun and injured the three antisocial". It was found that the detective shot four times the aggressors.

The deputy commissioner was released, but was summoned to testify in front of the prosecutor's office to prove that his action would correspond to self-defense.

By order of the Prosecutor's Office, the investigation was left in the hands of Investigation Police officers, who conducted the appropriate expertise to determine what had happened in Recoleta district.

IDP has killed three teenagers who wanted to steal from him

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