Tuesday , February 7 2023

"Help Me Lose Weight, Keep the Old Lesbian": Where did the latest hit hit? | society


Whenever new content appears viraliza through social networks, becoming in some cases real global phenomena.

These publications can achieve success in a very short time, so if you stop browsing for a short period of time on the network, you'll probably be surprised by another shot when you get back.

The last major phenomenon of the internet has emerged with great force in recent weeks, becoming the fashionable theme, especially among adolescents.

There is a series of "dinomes" in addition to a video in which a dinosaur moves vigorously in the rhythm "Help me, I'm failing, you shut up old lesbian."

But although the curious sequence is "breaking" the web, most have no idea of ​​their origin, or where it came from.

As the Yahoo News site gathers, it all started with Jurassic Park Builder, a Facebook game where the idea is for the user to create their own Jurassic Park.

According to the above-mentioned media, players began to make absurd memories, in which they attributed all sorts of phrases to a certain dinosaur, being "Help me to faint, to shut up old lesbian" one of them

There are also those who say that the phrase "old lesbian lesbian" comes from a viral movie in which a young woman tried to escape a man who was harassing her.

It should be noted that it was only a matter of time before someone took the animation of a dinosaur and added a simple melody to extend the phenomenon even further through YouTube.

In just two weeks, the sequence exceeded 15 million visits and 35,000 comments, making it clear that viral infections may occur where you do not expect the least.

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