Tuesday , February 7 2023

"If we need to destroy something, I will ask it": interfere with the request to paralyze works in Line 3 | national


Next Tuesday, January 22, the new one Line 3 the Santiago Metro to link Quilicura and La Reina. However, there could be one of his posts could not be inaugurated.

It is the combining station with line 1: University of Chile. This is because Proinser filed a civil action against Ferrovial, Metro contractor, responsible for the construction of the new Line 3. This action follows stop work because she accuses that there are delays in some payments from Ferrovial.

Although there was a paralyzing sentence from the fourth civilian court in Santiago, they are ready to be opened next Tuesday, so the expert work started this day – and this must continue for the second instance – may require the demolition of parts , to demonstrate the work they have done from Proinser.

Proinser's lawyer, Carlos Gutiérrez, explained that "to the extent that the waiver indicates that it is necessary to extend the period of stay, will have to be paralyzed. Therefore, if it intends to open on Tuesday, and the court considers that the stay will not be opened. "

"What I am interested in is solving a problem and if to solve the problem it is necessary to paralyze the work or suspend the inauguration, I will do it. It's not my intention, but I have to defend my client's interests, "he added.

Gutiérrez said that "if it is necessary to demolish something, I will ask ".

Meanwhile, Leonardo Gazmuri, a judicial expert, explained that he does not have access to key documents, so will ask for a second hearing to "know what the controversy is". Consultation if there is a possibility to demolish any work, said "I will evaluate in a second meeting."

He also noted that procedures generally run with the public so that the second stage could be done with people using the station. "If the work is inaugurated, I could ask for new expert reports."

Metro Response

Metro issued a statement on this situation, which noted that "the works of that subcontracting company they finished, for which he no longer performs work inside the station ".

"However, Metro will facilitate access to the inside of the station Universidad de Chile on Line 3 to the appropriate court representative at the time of the station presentation to to collaborate with the process judicial process, "they added.

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