Tuesday , April 20 2021

It's already possible to have the same WhatsApp account on two devices

WhatsApp Message Service has come to cover a large space with respect to interpersonal written intercommunication

today many of your users. they have more than a smart device where did they would like to have the same account, but as it is is linked to a number of cells that it was impossible. so far

Yes, gentlemen, as well as they read it, You can now have your active account of WhatsApp into the two different devices thanks to APP "ZapClone".

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This one The APP works like WebWhatsApp thanks to use QR codes and it's just available for devices which use Android operating system

To turn it on, just do it go to Google Play. writes ZapClone and download APP on one of the devices.

once time installed the app will ask create an account, After which a QR code will be generated that you will remain in the configuration area, The same as you will scan from the other device in which go to keep your account active of WhatsApp and ready.

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