Monday , June 27 2022

José Luis Chilavert: "It should give the Boca Juniors title" Photo 1 of 5 | Sport | International football


Paraguayan Exporter José Luis Chilavert He criticized the South American Football Conference (CONMEBOL) and said that after this weekend in Buenos Aires before the second round of the final Libertadores Cup , the title of the tournament must be awarded Boca Juniors .

"Today I heard this unfavorable character (referring to Alejandro Domínguez, president of Conmebol) who said the suspension of the game is for the sake of the show, but he never talked about Boca players, they are interested in billing," Chilavert told Mitter .

The exporter of Vélez Sarsfield and Peñarol added, among other things, that both Dominguez and FIFA President, Swiss Gianni Infantino, "pushed Boca to play in the final was a piece of paper," he said , according to EFE.

"The worst and most serious thing is that Infantino came with Dominguez (at Saturday's Monumental Stadium meeting) and squeezed the people of Boca, which is inadmissible and you realize that this mafia thread comes from above. Chief Financial Officer for Domínguez, "Chilavert said.

Paraguayan, the fierce opponent of Conmebol's current leadership, added: "Dominguez is Lieutenant (Juan Ángel) Napout, today closed in the United States by FIFAGate, both Domínguez and Infantino have to resign," he added.

Chilavert recalled the dialogue with the Argentine radio station, who has long denounced "the Conmebol abnormalities. We need to look at how the River Plate has reached this end," he said, and asked to give the Xeneize team Cup. "If they want to clean up football, they should give the title Boca Juniors."

Paraguayan was lapid at the end of the dialogue. "I hope I can really clean up football, both Infantino and Domínguez are rats that kill him," said exguardameta, who had the best career years for Argentinean Vélez Sarsfield.

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