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LeBron is now returning to Cleveland in Lakers' uniform


By The Associated Press
11/22/2018 | 10: 43 a.m.

CLEVELAND. No hostility, no bother. LeBron James was admitted to the Cleveland Championship and then played as such.

In his first game in this town since he left for the second time as a free agent, James was cheered on Wednesday before leading the Los Angeles Lakers to a 109-105 victory over Cavaliers.

The locals, who started the duel with a 2-13 record, the worst in the league, played inspiration in front of the former team mate but could not stop him at the climax of the duel.

Eight years after Cleveland treated him as a murderer, James finished with 32 points, 14 rebounds and 7 assists. He scored or helped 11 points in a row, for the Lakers to exceed a 99-91 deficit in the fourth quarter.

"Yesterday, when we landed, everything felt different," James said. "I am a different person, we are all different from what we had eight years ago, there are good and bad things, but the most important thing is that this experience was great."

Cleveland had a chance to end late, but Kyle Korver missed a 3-point pointer with 17 seconds remaining when he was completely unmarked. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope converted four free throws in the last 15 seconds for Los Angeles to win the victory.

From the moment he appeared on the Quicken Loans Arena, James found signs of appreciation. On the eve of Thanksgiving, fans thanked their beloved son in Ohio's northeastern state, which helped the city spark a drought of 52 years without any relevant sports championship.

In this season's holiday, James signed with the Lakers.

During the show, the fans stood up to cheer up the NBA three times champion.

James, who spent 11 seasons in two stages with Cavaliers and led them to the title in 2016, was honored with a video during a timeout in the first quarter. The images of James's days with Cleveland have been shown along with their segments of impact on the community in northeastern Ohio.

As the crowd was standing and applauding, it read "Thank LeBron" on the giant blackboard. James has shown all Arena Quicken Loans corners.

The hot scene was nothing like the one that James endured when he returned to Miami in 2010, when Cleveland fans were angry with him because they left the team.

"The important thing is growth and we all grew up at that moment eight years ago," James said. "So in a way we have to leave the past in the past, focus on the present and see what will happen in the future."

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