Monday , April 19 2021

Luis Gnecco reconciled with Raquel Argandoña and Patricia Maldonado: called them to his radio program | TV and Show

There were several "rounds" between the actor Luis Gnecco and opinion leaders Raquel Argandoña and Patricia Maldonado. In the last battle, the actor handled the two women who have a program on Radio Agriculture.

However, this time Gnecco chose to be more conciliatory with the communicators and called them into his radio they apologize for their last words.

"I promised to tell them publicly, because we are all public. What I wrote there was a mistake to say so, I want to apologize publicly because I think it does not match, " the actor said in this opportunity.

To this added: "It was a mistake from beginning to end, it was a free comment, because it is not right to offend you thinking otherwise or anyone. I ran my hand, offended them, and it was rude that there was no room. "

Agriculture Radio
Agriculture Radio

In view of this, the face of the morning Good taste He indicated that Luis Gnecco "had the right to be heard by both," so he left the subject sanctioned and accepted the excuses.

For his part, Argandoña indicated that the artist had communicated with her a few days ago by telephone, adding that at that moment he accepted his apologies.

Gnecco ended the dialogue saying that his words were "offensive" to the two women, pointing out that it was not right to offend them just because they were thinking differently.

It should be noted that the actor's insults provoked Rachel's son, Nano Calderón, I went to him to face him face to face.

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