Sunday , May 29 2022

Mario Desbordes devastated 86.5% of the votes in RN's internal elections


MP Mario Desbordes was re-elected last night by a major majority of the president of the Renovación Nacional (RN) after his list was imposed in the domestic elections of the party headed by Álvaro Contreras.

According to the accountant given by Deputy Secretary David Huina, with 40 percent of the accounted tables, the A's Overflows list obtained 86.5 percent of the preferences, for which he classified the B list as the historic one.

"It is a much larger margin than the previous elections, we could say historical and we are very proud of the participatory process of the national renewal troops, which we think will exceed 12,000 militants," Huina said.

In his turn, Desbordes wrote in his Twitter account: "Thank you for supporting @RNchile bases, a great triumph in a democratic day at the height of our beloved party history. Big challenges come for the biggest party in Chile."

In addition to Desbordes, the NF National Council for the next few years will be composed of Secretary General Felipe Cisternas and Vice-Presidents Rafael Prohens, Felipe Guevara, Samuel Valenzuela, José Miguel Arellano, Paulina Núñez, Marcela Sabat, Tomás Fuentes and Pedro Pizarro.

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