Thursday , June 1 2023

Minsa held a congress that promotes the fight against tobacco use


The Ministry of Health (Minsa) organized the 2nd Multidisciplinary International Congress on Non-Communicable Smoking and Diseases to promote tobacco consumption prevention among the population.

Through this activity, Minsa was considering the training of its collaborators, a thousand technicians and three hundred administrative staff, "to improve the knowledge and skills of medical staff for the comprehensive management of smoking, its prevention and control," as shown in a Press release. .

In order to increase awareness through continuous education for the entity's professionals, parallel action has been taken in this scientific convention "to stimulate the interest in giving up smoking to tobacco consumers, as well as to create the public's awareness of the harm that causes the use of the cigarette in the human being ", with the performance of some activities such as: Photo Contest, Painting Contest, Clinical Case Contest, Research Contest, Troubadour Contest, Regional Contest Contest, under the motto of El Tabaco hearts, choose health. "

According to MINSA, Panama has a comprehensive tobacco control policy for more than 10 years since it is part of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) since 2004, the implementation of which is based on the application of various national regulations, to resolutions on laws, as in Law 13 of January 24, 2008.

Some important aspects of the legal regulation on tobacco control include: offering smoking cessation programs, 100% smoke-free enclosures (bars, pubs, etc.), including health warnings, pictograms and texts in cigarette packs , raising the tax on cigarettes (of which a percentage is transferred to the Ministry of Health for the prevention and treatment of smoking and associated diseases).

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