Tuesday , February 7 2023

Mortal Kombat 11 will have the collection edition


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<p><em><strong>Mortal Kombat 11</strong> </em>is one of the most anticipated games of the year, they know perfectly <strong>Warner Bros. Studios and NetherRealm</strong>. For the same reason, the companies have announced that the title will also have a collector edition, which they hope to lead fans of the crazy series.</p>
<p>Game collection edition (<strong>Kollector's Edition</strong>) will include a physical copy of <em><strong>Mortal Kombat 11</strong> </em>in its version <strong>prize</strong> (which includes several DLCs), a metal case, a magnet with the logo design of the game. and a replica of the mask <strong>scorpion</strong>. All content will be included in an equally special package.</p>
<p>Currently, the price at which this edition will be sold has not been disclosed, whether it will include some additional content, or whether it will be available for other platforms <strong>PS4 and Xbox One</strong>. As soon as more details are released, we will share them.</p>
<p><strong><em>Mortal Kombat 11</em> </strong>will be on sale in April 23 in <strong>PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC.</strong></p>
<p>Source: NetherRealm studios</p>
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