Thursday , June 8 2023

Nicolás López's lawyer ensures that they have evidence that the allegations against him are false – Shows and culture


Nicolás López's lawyer assures that they have evidence that the allegations against him are false

Paula Vial issued a statement after the director was presented to the prosecution to testify. Tvn


Then that Nicolás López will testify to Oriente's lawyer Due to accusations of sexual abuse, her lawyer, Paula Vial, issued a statement confirming the client's innocence and stating that have sufficient evidence to prove that the allegations are false.

According to the lawyer, she was handed to the prosecutor more than a thousand audio and WhatsApp conversations where he would have proven that his client is innocent of the crimes he is being charged with.

"Nicolás has issued material supporting his arguments and leaves evidence that the allegations against him are false or decontextualized," Vial said.

"This material consists of thousands of messages and audits of WhatsApp between my client and her accusers who prove that my client is not a sexual abuser, add the professional to the document.

He also pointed out that the products of such evidence had criminal prosecution He decided to prolong the statement for another day.

"On the first day we insisted on his innocence and we reiterate today: Nicolás López is not guilty of the facts imputed to him," the lawyer points out.

Remember that the director of movies such as "What Shame Your Life" and "I'm Not Mad" has been accused by several actresses about sexual abuse and inappropriate behavior.


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