Friday , January 27 2023

Nike already has real shoes by Marty McFly


Three years ago, Nike has fulfilled the dream of many fans with the launch slippers Hyperadapt 1.0, a model inspired by Marty McFly's character in Back to the Future's famous saga, in which the American jven wore slippers that fit on their own.

When many think this was a brand advertising and commercial strategy, it was actually the pre-arrival for Adapt BB.

It is a model for the basketball court, given the requirement for these athletes to put their shoes, explained from the Nike Innovation Directorate in a statement: "During a normal game, the athlete's foot also changes the ability to change quickly Style Slipping the shoe to increase blood flow and then tighten again to get better performance is a key element that we believe will improve the athlete's experience.

But getting the right fit of a high-performance shoe is very personal and complicated. In basketball, for example, the leg may extend to a half-millisecond, for example from 43.5 to 44. An adjustment level that looks comfortable at the start of the match can be adjusted half an hour later. Because the needs of the foot change in a moment, the perfect fit is very variable. And in this sense, basketball is a very useful test ground, as there are very different movements: salt, turn, racing and each leg often performs unique moves.

When a sportsman puts on the Nike Adapt BB, a multi-speed engine detects the tension the foot needs and adapts appropriately to keep the foot tight. And here comes the second step. From this moment on, innovation starts. With FitAdapt technology, the athlete just needs to touch some buttons on the side or connect to the Nike Adapt application to enter different degrees of adjustment depending on the different moments of the game.

For example, during an expiration period, a player may loose and press the button to return to the previous settings when you return to the playing field. Or create a series of previous adjustments according to matching, training, warming or just a ride.

The Nike Adapt BB comes with its own charging plate and the color of the side lamps indicates the battery charge level. For those who rightly wonder what happens if the battery is exhausted while wearing it, there are no problems: they become useless for themselves.

One of the people responsible for their evaluation was Jayson Tatum, a professional player of the Boston Celtics. During the tests, the shoes were subjected, among other things, to 2,900 adjustment and mismatching cycles, at 60 ° C with 85% humidity, 40,000 setpoint pressures, bathing more than 320 liters of water in three minutes and about 450 km of race.

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