Monday , March 8 2021

Nintendo apologizes for racist content in "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate"

A Nintendo game generates controversy just before its launch. In a preview of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (which will reach users in December) has emerged racist. The company was warned and took action in this regard.

In the following picture, you can see the silhouette that triggered the controversy Stereotyping of Native Americans. In it appears a character known as Mr.: a black figure with a feather on his head, a torch held in his hand and a defiant gesture.

Mister. Game & Watch appeared in the '80s.
Mister. Game & Watch appeared in the '80s.

Nintendo's Excuses

The combat game will not include this image, assured the Japanese company. He explained that that silhouette refers to the character of a delivery player for more than three decades.

Mr. He was part of several Nintendo video games, including Fire Attack, dating back to 1982. In this title, a cowboy had to defend a fort so native Americans would not burn it.

Excuse and eliminate this racist reference is another sign that times have changed. And also the conception of evildoers and heroes.

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