Thursday , April 15 2021

Paloma Mami's categorical answer to the pursuer who accused him of lying about her TV and Show Operations

Every day popularity passes Dove Mami continues to grow. In Instagram, the singer adds almost 900,000 followers and every minute receives hundreds of messages in their photos.

This was one of those messages that caused humiliation in the artist because he accused her of lying about aesthetic operations. It then excites Red I'd upload a photo in a bikini ad: "You hard without being operated".

"Why lie to such people? If we all know you're operated, people are not Weon. You are cute with your operations, but there is no need to lie and controversy to have more followers, it is fashionable to stay on social networks (sic), "said a netizen.

The answer arrived a few minutes later. "Mommy, I will not lie to my followers, never … I do not have to make controversy to have offspring who will come alone, Mother," wrote Paloma.

"The only reason I answer is to clarify … I am not operated and there is nothing wrong with that! The one who can, cachai (sic)"He added.

According to the interpreter, she wants to give a message of acceptance of their bodies to their fans and make it clear that every person is beautiful.

"I'm trying to make this message as clear as possible so that girls of the age or younger do not feel they have to have a job to be beautiful! Yes, it is true that today there is a lot of atmosphere on Instagram where women are operated and bkn is, but I also want to give that positive message and that security to all my followers, who is also nice to be natural"He admitted.


With only 19 years, the artist becomes an internet phenomenon and not only for her music but also for her appearance, very much in the style of the Kardashian sisters.

The singer usually wears designer clothes mixed with sportswear and intense makeup that makes her get out of the rest.

Remember that the singer also made news this week looks without makeup during a rehearsal of a presentation from Arica.

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