Monday , April 19 2021

Pancho Saavedra will help the professor with aggressive cancer

Channel Driver 13 Francisco Saavedra he assured that it helps you to Professor of Linares with the cancer that was stolen five million peso I needed his oncological treatment.

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Felipe Suazo, the teacher, suffers lung cancer and, together with his family and friends, he managed to raise the five million pesos he needed for his treatment. However, on the day he went to buy the medicine, he was attacked and lost all the money.

According to Saavedra in detail, he telephoned with Felipe Suazo shortly after news was known on social networks. In this call, he learned that the Linares municipality agreed to help with a month of free treatment for the teacher. In view of this, Saavedra decided to offer unlimited treatment for another month Suazo.

"I can not explain how I succeeded because contacts are on the move, but I can say it is like a chain of favors", assured the animator.

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