Tuesday , January 31 2023

PHOTOS: A blind cat opens his eyes again and captures everyone for her beauty


"Cotton" (Spanish cotton) is a stray cat in Palm Beach, Florida, which has amazed the world. When he was saved from the street, his eyes were covered with cold and suffered from malnutrition, for his blindness did not allow him to seek food. Fortunately, due to the care of an organization, he showed everyone the beauty of his eyes.

Carmen Morales, founder of Animal Friends Project Inc., a small organization that cares and protects stray animals in Palm Beach, was responsible for "Cotton" health and documented the evolution of photography as it was collected in September 2016.

Morales, who raised dozens of cats saved for years, went to the vet, quarantined his new partner, and after bathing and feeding him he treated them with an antibiotic arsenal, he said in a interview for the Dodo portal.

The animal's tension caused by pain and the inability to see his protector was visible. However, Carmen says the cat was very patient and endured ointments and other remedies to relieve the pain and irritation caused by the mites that have invaded.

After several months of intense treatment, the appearance of "Cotton" changed drastically and eventually managed to open his eyes again. Not only was it a surprise that, despite the severity of his illness, he had not been blinded, but the impressive color of his eyes: a blue one and another greenish brown.

Felina, 6, was completely recovered after a few months and falsified a special relationship with Carmen. She refused to give him for adoption, despite many requests, and made him a new member of his family. "Cats like" cotton "depend on people to heal, because they can not always ask for help," he explained.

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