Tuesday , February 7 2023

Piqué will reveal Vidal and his comrades


The defender of the Spanish national team together with his producer is preparing a documentary about the intimacy of clothing in Barcelona.

In the middle of the Barcelona Pre-match against Levante, for the return of the Copa del Rey knockout stages, special news was released in Spain that involved Arturo Vidal.

As reported by the Spanish portal at publicaesportiva.cat, Gerard Piqué and his production company "Kosmos" I'm preparing a documentary showing the players of the culé team every day. The Defender's idea is to make a product similar to "all or nothing," a report about Manchester City that was issued by Amazon.

The product would have already filmed, although the release date is unknown and will be issued. Currently, some rooms have already entered the locker room and it will be possible to observe the unpublished content of the "Emperor" and his comrades.

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