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"Pokemon: Let's Go" – in its version "Pikachu!" or "Evevee!"– was the largest installment in the series Nintendo for this 2018, marking a few landmarks for the Japanese company.

Is about the first version of exclusive saga for home consoles, in addition to the generation changes to traditional capture mechanics by Pokémon.

some fans were not very happy to discover that this year, Pokémon video game will integrate the features of the mobile application launched by Niantic (called Pokémon GO), and in 2019 it would have been delivered with the traditional mechanics of the arrow.

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Critics have been accused and on November 16, Pokemon: Let's Go, the version cataloged by the vast majority of followers as "for players who are not real".

However, criticism seems to have been unfounded less than a week after launch, "Pokemon: Let's Go" became the video game with the largest initial sales, moving more than 3 million copies, surpassing all the titles of the Nintendo, Switch.

Another merit is how he managed to re-enlist fans. Some have noticed that thanks to "Pokemon: Let's Go" they have succeeded Divide your favorite series with the youngest children or that this remake (or reimagination) of the first generation of Pokémon has given them a the possibility of returning to the world that conquered them in the 90s.

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But one of them stories that have moved most social network users is one GrumpyFinn on Reddit, who commented on how the new version can finally enjoy the series that marked his childhood.

the woman has loss of vision due to cataract – an opacity of the natural lens of the eye behind the iris and the pupil – the main cause of blindness in the world.

provided did not allow him to enjoy the video games of the sword because they were thrown into portable consoles with very small screens and low resolution.

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