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Pokemon: Let's Go for the Nintendo Switch: Cheats You Need to Know Before You Start Playing Pokémon Go | Video games


Freak game It is one of these legendary companies that has brought in various games for almost 30 years. Despite the development of titles for Sony, Sega and NEC, is known mainly for the alliance with Pokemon Company and Nintendo , with the series of games Pokémon which started with Play boy.

These titles have allowed us to enter a fantastic world full of named monsters Pokémon. With the main purpose of capturing all of them, teachers Pokémon trains them to be stronger and to be able to fight with other coaches as a sport. There is also evil and delinquency in this world The rocket team, an association that aims to get under anything Pokémon the most powerful in the world.

Now getting an alliance with Niantic and his mobile video game Pokémon GO . Pokemon: Let's go offers a hybrid interactive experience between a portable game and a desktop game. In addition, synchronizing with smartphone gameplay next to a newly-named item Poké Ball Plus makes the game an interesting combination between RPG that everyone was accustomed to Freak's play and technological innovation Pokémon GO.

Whether you're an adept at Pokemon video games, just play Pokémon GO or you are simply interested in this new franchise title, in this article you will find the best tips to enjoy Pokémon: Let's go! And make the most of all the new mechanisms it brings.

1. Pikachu and Eevee are also wild Pokemon

Whether you decide Pikachu or Eevee like you Pokémon Initially, this does not mean you will not find anything else during the game. Mainly in Route 17 you can find more Eevees or in The green forest the more Pikachu, it depends on you that you choose as a partner.

2. The initial partner can learn exclusive moves.

Despite being able to capture other copies of the Pokémon, both Eevee that Pikachu the initials have the opportunity to learn some exclusive movements that are very useful during the fight. These are the following:

Pikachu: Pikarotmenta, Pikapicado and Salpikasurf.
Eevee: Leaftobombas, Glaceoprisma, Sylveotornado, Vapodrenaje, Joltioparálisis, Flarembestida, Umbreozona and Espeaura.

3. Colony makes more Pokemon appear

into the Pokémon: Let's go! An object called The Colony has been introduced, which serves to attract a larger number of wild Pokemon to a particular location. This element is based on his incense Pokémon GO.

4. The accompanying pokemon can find berries

The Pokemon following our path will not only increase your level, but you can also look around to find wild berries in the wild. The only thing you have to do to collect them is to be careful and if an exclamation point appears, your Pokemon has found something.

5. Use Poké Ball Plus to get a Pokemon on the floor

Although, at first glance, completing Poké Ball Plus It's not a great extra for the game, the truth is that, little by little, you can see your results if you go to the Pokémon captive for a walk. They will gain more experience, level and find more objects along the way.

6. Get capture and battle experience

While one of the main level-raising mechanics is fighting other coaches, these meetings are limited. The best way to continue to develop your Pokémon is to defeat various high-level wild Pokemon and launch a good launch at the time of capture.

7. Relationship with the partner is vital

Having a good relationship with your company Pokemon, not only will you make the game more enjoyable, but it will also help your stats so that some attacks are stronger than others, and from time to time you release a object.

8. You can get Pokemon Alola

Alola Pokémon can be changed by Kanto Pokémon in the Pokémon centers. All you have to do is find the right characters that give you the same type of Pokémon you have to touch.

9. Trick to catch the rare Pokemon and Shiny

Shiny Pokemon or Variocolor are also found in this new Game Freak video game. The trick to capture them is to make a chain of catches of the same Pokémon until one of this type comes out. The longer the chain, the more chances to find one.

10. MT can be used several times

The famous MT or Technical Machines that help a Pokemon learn a movement can be used several times in this video game. All you have to do is buy them and you can use them as many times as you like.

11. Save the game before confronting a legendary

Remember that if you lose a fight against a legendary Pokemon, you will not be able to turn back and face it again. Remember to always save before the final showdown to get more chances.

12. Hidden Objects

Inside the caves or dungeons, it is better to go forward by pressing the action button (A) to collect any object that is not available to the naked eye.

13. Maximum use of Pokémon GO

Thanks to cross-gameplay, we can transfer different Pokémon from the mobile application to the video game to quickly complete the Pokédex.

14. Make Rika every day

Rika will give us every confrontation badge to use them and improve the attributes of our Pokemon, so confronting him every time is crucial to making our comrades stronger.

15. Never get out of the Poké balls

Being one of the main mechanisms of the game to deal with and capture wild Pokemon, the amount of Poke balls must always be maximum to avoid running away from them.

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