Tuesday , April 20 2021

Protagonist "Malcolm" left the show for the sale of dressings

It was not a good year for the former actor Frankie Muniz. After revealing that he did not remember anything about "Malcolm in the middle," the series he played in the 90s, and that his house was accidentally flooded by his cat, the American seems to see a light in his way .

According to the portal AZ Central, Muniz has completely left the show to devote himself exclusively sale of dressings.

At the end of 2018 the artist bought the company Olive oil and olive trees with his girlfriend Paige Price, with whom he runs the Arizona state store.

There Muniz offers a wide range of dressings from premium olive oils for spicy sauces.

"My day starts at 6am on the way to buy the products we need, then I get to the store early to start filling the dressing bottles and make sure the shelves are full," Muniz said about his new routine. life.

He also claimed that "he lives a dream" because "I like to make funding, I am the boy of the number".

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