Thursday , June 8 2023

[Rumor] Known Battlegrounds will not come to PlayStation 4 this year


The rumors that PlayStation 4 will get a popular version Battlegrounds known players (PUBG, in short) are not new. In September, it was rumored that the video game classification board in South Korea had added it to its database. Since then, new evidence has emerged that this will happen very soon.

A PSN Profiles forum user claims to have found a game icon and a content identifier for PUBG on Sony servers. The identification codes would be as follows.

North America: UP5082-CUSA14081_00-BATTLEGROUNDS000

Europe: EP5262-CUSA14085_00-BATTLEGROUNDS000

This could easily be considered an invention by the user, but this information was confirmed by Daniel Ahmad in the Resetera forums. Ahmad, better known on the internet as ZhugeEXIt is usually a source of confidence because it has proven to be holding confidential information about the industry on several occasions.

As if this was not enough, it suggests that the game will be released in December and will probably be announced during Game awards 2018, which will be celebrated on the 6th of that month.

although Battlegrounds known players has been shadowed in the last months of success Fortnite, is still a very popular title that is among the best five selling video games of all time.

PUBG will receive content based on the suicide team

Source: PSN Profiles, Resetera

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