Thursday , April 15 2021

Runner alert! The photo that gives the clues to Tomasito's future in "Hidden Truths"

In the last chapters of "The Truthful Truths," Tomasito spent more than a hard time kidnapped by Leonardo. Now that the villain has collapsed, his ally Eliana deals with him.

There are a lot of theories about the future of the child in the story: one of them shows that Eliana is going to raise him, who gets more and more power.

A photo shared by actress Camila Hirane on Instagram could confirm this hypothesis: she is actress Francisca Gavilán together with part of the soap opera distribution, and Rocío has an advanced task.

hidden truths

This suggests that Eliana would record very close scenes of Tomasito's family, which could mean that she will take care of the baby.

Remember, a few days ago, Matías Oviedo revealed some details of what's coming for his character in "The Truths". After learning that Amelia is Agustina and after the kidnapping of his son, his character will suffer a heavy return. there will be a new Tomás, "says Oviedo Mega portal.

"He resisted much in history, many characters are lying to him, cheating him or doing everything he wants to do, but once they get involved in Tomasito, everything has a limit," he added.

In addition, the actor of "Truthful Truth" says that "we will now see another Tomas, one who will take another part, a part where he will no longer be the victim of things and will take on another role."

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