Tuesday , June 28 2022

Samsung and Huawei are preparing to launch mobile phones with a hole on the screen


It seems that the age of slit or notch that bothers so many is about to end, because the race for the mobile phone that is just a screen on the front will continue with a hole in the screen.

That's what various international analyst reports say, which also ensures that Samsung has already begun producing these panels, because yes, in addition to them there are other interested people.

The first details about its shape appear due to Samsung Mobile, which says the Galaxy A8 will have this feature:

A 6.7 mm round break on one side, which means that the same source ensures that the Galaxy S10 will have at least one of its models but with 2 or 3 millimeters less in diameter.

Who else? Huawei, of course, his direct competitor. Through their Asian networks, they share this teaser, pointing out that in December they will already have a team presented with this new type of panel break:


It seems to be the same design, right? And it is very likely that the screen is also Samsung. Now it remains to know who will go forward and will be the first.

Do you like this solution better than the crest or do you prefer the edges, for example, Note 9 of the galaxy?

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