Friday , January 27 2023

Shocking video: camera captures multiple violent shocks in Constitution – national


Shocking video: The camera captures violent multiple shocks in the Constitution

The incident left about 13 injured after eight vehicles collided with each other. Tvn


At around 07:50 on Thursday, a multiple accident occurred constitution, The Maule Region, after eight vehicles collided with each other.

According to the first antecedents, the event happened in Raúl Silva Henríquez Cardinalul Pod, and left 13 injured people who were targeted at the city hospital.

The situation could be surprised by a camera located in a car traveling in the opposite direction and able to see what happened.

The registry explained how one of the cars got into the berm, forcing the occupants to descend from it to avoid greater consequences.

Firefighters, ambulances and Carabineros have arrived at the scene to help those affected and to gather skills that could detail the causes of what happened.

At present there is no wider background on how the shock would have been generated,


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