Tuesday , April 20 2021

Spinach could be the key to fighting depression or chronic pain


Two peptides that are the natural metabolic products of "Rubisco", a protein found in many plants, such as spinach, can help develop new drugs that produce less side effects in the fight against alcohol consumption disorders and mood, according to research published in the journal "Neuropsychopharmacolgy European"

This discovery provides a new pathway for the development of drugs that provide therapeutic relief to a patient without causing unwanted side effects. "We are part of a new and exciting breakthrough drug area that aims to develop molecules that only activate cellular signaling pathways associated with their therapeutic effect. We have discovered that these peptides actively activate beneficial pathways known without activating pathways of effects. secondary "receptor," explains his author, Richard van Rijn.

Van Rijn, in collaboration with Professors Darci Trader and Markus Lill, actively seeks synthetic and computational strategies to improve these peptides and make them more effective. The researcher believes that "there are reasons for optimism," because rubischoline peptides are already being investigated in preclinical studies for their ability to regulate food intake and are even commercially available in anti-aging skin products.

These preclinical studies advance that the peptides are orally bioavailable and that they are able to penetrate the blood-brain barrier, which is required for a drug to effectively treat a central nervous system disorder.

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