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Tatiana Merino swept Patricia Maldonado after a harsh accusation


An old Cahuin has generated huge controversy this week in the world of farandulero, and which had as a protagonist Patricia Maldonado and Tatiana Merino.

Opinionlogo occupied the sidewalk in the program "Sin Llimite" by Radio Agriculture, to ensure that the former star has spent over 100 million pesos granted by the state for the El Regazo del Artista Foundation, who has sought to help all these advanced age faces without a forecast with the creation of a home in the Maria Pinto Sector.

In fact, he assured the foundation did not work as such. "She used a nursing home to keep hot. There was never a grandfather", launched on the radio program according to what was collected by the Intrusion program.

In addition, Maldonado added that "he bought a house that was for chakota." All the humorists went to make steaks and there was no old man in. With Pancho Saavedra – with whom he was traced – I discovered that he never took an old man You can not have an old man's house where there is no nearby hospital.

For the same, Tatiana Merino He did not turn the other cheek and was totally downloaded through a post he uploaded to his Facebook account. In addition, he explained that the whole theme of his founding was in order and that 100% of the money was returned to the General Treasury of the Republic.

"You have to be very unhappy to overthrow a person and, above all, speak so many lies, having the extraordinary past." Mrs. Patricia Maldonado, stop walking by inventing things that are not like you, "he said.

Full publication of Tatiana Merino to Patricia Maldonado

You have to be very unhappy to insult a person and, above all, to talk so much lies, having …

Posted by Tatiana Merino on Wednesday, January 16, 2019

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