Saturday , October 1 2022

The 13 apps that Google removed from the Play Store because they were infected with malware | technology


Recently, Google had to remove 13 requests from its side Play store after verifying that they were infected malware.

As recorded in NDTV's digital media, these are platforms that have been "disguised" from career games

When he tried to open the game, he was stuck while – at the same time – installed a virus on his mobile phone. The most dangerous thing is that in many cases this has been totally unobserved by users.

It should be noted that this application was quite popular before it was removed. Then we'll leave you with the list.

-Luxury Cars SUV Traffic
driving simulator of vehicles
-Extreme Car Driving Racing
-Moto Cross Extreme Racing
-SUV City Climb Parking
-Extreme Driving City
-City Traffic Moto Racing
-Extreme Sport Driving Machine
-Movie simulator for cars
-Truck Commodity Simulator
-SUV 4 × 4 driving simulator
-Firefighter – Firefighter simulator
– Free parking

As mentioned by Spanish ABC, all of these have been added to the Play Store by the same developer: Luis O. Pinto.

The goal of those who were behind these viruses was to monetize their efforts by sending unsolicited advertisements by the user as soon as the device was unlocked.

Malware researcher Lukas Stefanko, from security firm ESET, was the one who revealed the list of requests. As detailed, they also requested authorization for full access to the network and see network and Wi-Fi connections.

If you are one of those who have downloaded one of these apps, it is best to start your smartphone in safe mode and then delete the app. Another tip that you can follow is getting protection against malware, such as Avast Security and 360 Security.

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