Monday , April 19 2021

The anthem takes the muscles in the visual section with these 15 minutes of play

It's difficult to highlight promissory proposals and secure bets in 2019, especially if you do not come from an established license. Despite everything, Anthem positioned himself as one of the biggest challenges of the year. Something easy to understand when you see moving.

The call Destiny de BioWare proposes to explore an extraordinary detailed environment through halberdele, some impressive customizable exotics with tremendous mobility and even more offensive ability. But the very interesting thing is what we will do with them.

Therefore, IGN Youtube channel is offered a perfect aperitif: 15 minutes of alpha game in which we will see the mission Lost Arcanist from start to finish, alternating actions Interceptor, Storm and Colossus.

A quarter of an hour in which each halberd has the opportunity to show his strengths, weaknesses and arsenal that he implements by creating an authentic festival of photos, explosions and acrobatics.

One more time, the Frostbite engine is the key to providing consistency and credibility to the whole, providing solid and ambitious models along with all sorts of effects that remind us why – despite its noises – BioWare is an indisputable reference in Science Fiction games.


The best? VIP Demo It's at the corner. Access to this demonstration is achieved by booking the game, guaranteed for those who have access to Access Origin or EA Access. In any case, it will be available January 25-27.

In general, hymn It looks great and we will soon share our feelings on board the halberds: in addition to the demo, the game will be available starting with February 22 from 2019 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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